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Safe, permanent hair reduction with the Plasmalite™
Imagine never having to take care of your bikini line, under arms, upper lip and chin again. Temporary hair removal methods are now a thing of the past, thanks to the Plasmalite™ technology. You can forget about using razors and hair removal creams as well as the more painful forms of hair removal such as waxing and electrolysis. Better still, you will no longer suffer from those annoying shaving spots, ingrown hairs or skin irritations. Too good to be true? Not with the Plasmalite™ FPL system.

The Newest Method of Hair Removal

Plasmalite™ is a safe and efficient hair removal system that combines the advantages of a laser and Intense Pulse Light System. The Plasmalite™ technology is modern and offers successful results for the removal of unwanted hair growth. Hair can be removed from all skin types and skin colours as well as most hair colours.

The Plasmalite™ Principle
The basic principle of the Plasmalite™ system is selective absorption. Each hair contains natural pigment known as melanin. The treatment head gives off light energy in the form of short flashes. The melanin absorbs the light right down to the hair follicle. The temperature is 68 to 70°C which is the correct temperature for the best results, and it causes the hair follicle to die rendering it unable to produce any new hair.

What Happens During a Treatment Session?
In order to perform a treatment, a layer of cooling gel is placed over the skin. This gel helps guide the light through the skin while keeping it cool at the same time. Then you will notice a series of short flashes as the treatment head is moved over the target area. The results are not visible immediately; it will take a couple of weeks for the hair that has been captured to naturally fall out.

How Many Treatments are Necessary?
The exact number of treatments necessary is determined by the thickness of hair growth and where the hair grows. The first three treatments have the most visible effect but for exceptional results an average of six treatments are necessary areas like a mans beard can take well in excess of this. You will also need to consider a top up treatment every year to control any new growth. Your Plasmalite™ specialist will go over this in detail with you. You can then decide after each treatment whether you wish to continue further. The actual time it takes for a treatment is not very long, for example a treatment for unwanted facial hair can take just a matter of minutes.

What Does a Treatment Session Feel Like?
Most people say that they notice a light tingling sensation on the skin. Some people are more sensitive to that than others and may notice a slight redness of the skin after the treatment. These red areas will fade a few hours after the treatment.

Careful Preparation
A Plasmalite™ treatment session will be performed by a qualified specialist who will first take you through an intake questionnaire. It is important that you answer the questions on the form honestly as each person will react differently to treatment with light. 
In between treatments you must not wax or pluck the hair, but shaving the area is permitted. You must also not be exposed to strong sun rays of have sun bed sessions for at least 5 weeks before a treatment.


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